Photo Review by Essdras

The best way to improve your photography is to have someone with experience and a trained eye to give you their professional opinion.

My portfolio review consists of a thorough and honest assessment of your photos. I’ll tell you what works and what doesn’t work, and then I’ll tell you how to fix it so you can make better photos.

My no-nonsense approach, combined with my expert eye, and my decades of photographic experience, will forever change how you work and the way you make photos.

This is a matchless opportunity to grow and learn, and one of the best gifts you can possibly give yourself or to someone else who loves photography and wants to become a better photographer.

Learning from Essdras is an eloquent experience. His critique is an invitation to become a better artist. Professional in his delivery, he explores your work with his unique and talented eye. He offers priceless feedback, while being genuine and authentic, and most importantly approachable. His reviews offer a fantastic, fun, and valuable opportunity to better yourself as a photographer.
Hillary R.

What you’ll learn during your photo review

  • Learn the psychology of Why some photos are considered to be better than others.
  • Learn how to choose a photo or pick a frame and then assess said photo for editing.
  • Learn and understand the concept of “visual anchors.”
  • Learn and understand what are “points of escape” and Why these are usually in detriment to your composition.
  • Learn What is layering and how it helps to create better photos.
  • Learn why to crop in a certain way. And When to re-crop if needed.
  • Learn Why you should always apply a sharpening tool when shooting digital cameras.
  • Learn Why you should adjust levels or curves.
  • Learn Why and How you need to continuously reassess your photo as you go through this process.
  • Learn When you need to dodge or burn an area of your photo. Learn When to stop editing.
I will share with you my shooting mantra and I will help you understand what it means, its value to you, and how it will help you become a better photographer :

“Keep shooting, keep moving, keep adjusting!

I will share with you my methodology, my approach and I’ll help you to understand the psychology of good photography. Not only will you learn the techniques but you will understand why these work.

How to prepare for a portfolio/ photo review:

You should pick 30-35 images that best showcase where you are right now as a photographer.

This doesn’t mean you should only pick what you consider to be your best images. But instead, it is best for you to put together a mixture of images. Some, which indeed, could be what you consider to be your best. But others should be the kind of images, where you might have some doubt whether these work or not. I am a true believer we learn more from our mistakes than from our wins.

However, if you are looking for exhibition curation services. Then by all means your picks should all be what you consider to be your best. Then from this collection, we will pick what represents your true essence as an artist.

Once you’ve compiled these images. Then put them in one easily accessible folder.

During our Zoom meeting, you will share your screen with me, and we’ll go through every single one of your images. I will tell you what’s working and what didn’t work. I’ll offer you tips, techniques and advice that’ll help you take your photography to the next level.

Now, start compiling your images and let’s set up a time and date.

Cost: One hour one-on- one photo review: $150