Essdras M Suarez – Pulitzer Prize Winner

Suarez is not a specialist – but a generalist, who happens to be able to shoot a vast array of different photographic genres extremely well including Spot News, Travel, Street Photography, Fashion, Portraits, Food, Product, Nature, Landscape, etc.

However, it is Travel and Street Photography that hold a special place in his heart, especially because of his uncanny ability to connect with people, which also happens to be his favorite subject to photograph.

He focuses on documenting “normalcy” and making the normal look extraordinary. “Therein lies the challenge! he says.

Suarez, a two-time Pulitzer Prizewinner, worked as a newspaper photojournalist for over 20 year. 

In a recent interview said, “As a newspaper photographer, you are expected to wear many hats. In addition to being a photojournalist, you are expected to be a travel photographer, documentary photographer, food and product photographer, and a portrait photographer.”

He added, “I’m not a specialist – I’m a generalist. I can shoot anything and everything… But my favorite subject is people, so Street, Travel, and Portrait photography hold a dear place in my heart… documenting ‘normalcy’ and making the normal look extraordinary that’s where the challenges lie within.”

Further explaining, as a photojournalist, “You simply were expected to be able to do it all, unlike working in an area where you can afford to become a specialist. So, in essence, you have to become a “specialist” in many genres of photography.”

Founder of EMS Photo Adventures LLC

Suarez dedicates his time to now sharing all of his knowledge and experience as a speaker, educator and leader: 


During the COVID Pandemic, Essdras emphasized his role as an educator by adding virtual, custom, educational webinars and conducting portfolio, photo and photo collection reviews and curation to his repertoire.
He also offers short- and long-term mentorship programs
As the founder of EMS Photo Adventures LLC, he has lead photographers on adventures and in workshops where his focus is hands-on training while helping photographers take their skills to the next level with dedicated, on-location guidance and instruction.


Essdras has been a guest speaker and has taught workshops nationally and internationally

In 2020 he was named an official social media influencer for Nikon Latin America for the mirrorless Z7 digital camera

In 2018 and 2019, Suarez had exhibits at the Xposure International Photo Festival in the UAE, with special permission, taught Street Photography workshops

As a USDOS Expert Speaker in Photojournalism specializing in Latin America, he routinely presents to Panamanian photographers

During his time in Boston, MA, he was an adjunct professor at the Boston University College of Communications and gave talks and presentations at other institutions of higher learning such as MIT, Harvard, Northeastern University, and the University of Florida

He is routinely asked to speak at meetings and conferences such as 

Essdras received the keys to the City of Panama


YPO/WPO – premier leadership organization of chief executives in the world

TBEX (Travel Blog Exchange) – the largest conference and networking event for travel bloggers, online travel journalists, new media content creators, travel brands, and industry professionals

ETC (Educational Travel Conference) – the world’s only conference dedicated to addressing the needs of those involved in educational and specialty travel

He has been a guest speaker a couple of times to the NECCC (New England Camera Council) Annual Photography Conferences, in Amherst MA

He has taught workshops and lead photo programs locally and internationally for the past decade: Cuba, Panama, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Ireland, Israel, Peru, Croatia, Sharjah/ UAE, Tanzania and Kenya


Throughout his career, Suarez worked in over 60 countries while covering a myriad of assignments. He continues to be a full-time, freelance photographer focusing on documentary-style event coverage, editorial assignments as well as corporate story-telling photo essays.


Among his many news coverage assignments throughout his career are the Columbine High School shooting, the war in Iraq, and the Columbia Shuttle disaster, the bloody ousting of Pres. Jean Bertrand Aristide in Haiti and the Indonesia Tsunami. The evacuation of the Israel Gaza Strip settlements, the aftermath of the Haiti earthquake, Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting and the Boston Marathon Bombing to name a few.


Among his more unique assignments was a trip to Romania in 2009 to document first shipment of radioactive material being shipped from this former USSR satellite country back to Russia. The program was a joint venture between the US National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA), the Russian Federation, the Romanian Government and the International Atomic Energy Agency. 

After moving to the Alexandria, VA he continued to be a freelance for the Washington Post and for ZUMA Press Agency. In 2017 he was the only photographer to get images of congressman (R) Steve Scalise after he was shot during a baseball practice in Alexandria. He more recently covered the passing of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, and that of Civil Rights leader John Lewis passing among other national news. 

Suarez has also earned awards with his Travel, Portrait, Business, and even Product Photography. His images have been published in National Geographic, Time Magazine, New York Times and Washington Post, and many other national and international publications.

Most recently, Suarez

Was featured in March of April 2019 as the cover story in Street Photography Magazine.
Had two articles published in the Photographic Society of America Journal (PSA Journal), the biggest association of photographers in the US: “Where to crop and not to crop the human form” and “Street Photography, timeless classics.”
In 2019 he was a judge for the biggest Travel Photography contest in the world: Travel Photographer of the Year contest.

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