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    Pulitzer Prizewinning Photographer

  • Educator / Speaker / Freelancer


    Pulitzer Prizewinning Photographer

  • Educator / Speaker / Freelancer


    Pulitzer Prizewinning Photographer

  • Educator / Speaker / Freelancer


    Pulitzer Prizewinning Photographer


Give me one hour and you’ll be amazed of how much of a better photographer you’ll become!

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#photolessonsbyessdras Three tips for creating successful silhouettes .

* The shapes of the silhouettes you create must be easily identifiable. .

* You must have a clean background that doesn’t compete with the silhouette(s)..

* You need to make sure there is separation between the compositional elements so they don’t compete with each other.

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#photolessonsbyessdras When it comes to storytelling, I tend to focus on the human element and how they interact with each other and with the space their inhabiting within my composition. This gives you, the viewer, a sense of place and creates relatability.

How do you use your photos to tell a story?

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#photolessonsbyessdras A “feathered sunburst” is one where the sun is partially blocked by a solid object and it is one of the best ways to creare the most defined sunburst possible.

This was during one of our photo workshops in Cuba a couple of weeks back.

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#photolessonsbyessdras Remember, the cleanest background will always be the sky. .that’s why you hear me say “sky!” on this one 😊
At Lenin Equestrian Park in the outskirts of Havana teaching a private three-day photo workshop w @rnank The riders are @lettybecali and @ventura489

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#photolessonsbyessdras Don’t give yourself a label as photographer. Don’t call yourself a Landscape, or a Street or a Travel photographer, etc. But instead be open and ready to photograph all the wonders that cross in front of your lens.

Video by @sarasuarezv22
The 56-hectare Christopher Columbus cemetery in Havana, Cuba is a place filled with stories waiting to be told through your photographic device. So, when we visit the island, I always make it a point to bring my clients to this living necropolis.

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Teaching and shooting in #cuba is one of the things I love the most about my passion/ vocation and profession #photography ...

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#photolessonsbyessdras Using naturally-occurring framing elements can helps us create layered and sophisticated images..
. .
Video by @joel.hernandezmarin.3

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#photolessonsbyessdras ,
In order to capture a decisive moment you need two things: Luck and being ready.

Which one do you prefer? #1 or #2?
Color or B&W?

Tech stuff:
70-200mm 2.8
F 3.2
ISO 10,000
Pattern Metering
Aperture priority.
Photographed at @cia_roscardenas studio

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Sorry, Cuba connectivity not so good… lost audio. Make sure to watch until the end. .
Photo shoot in #havanacuba of the talented @_karen.farrell and @_erick_michel during a private workshop w @rnank and my friend @joel.hernandezmarin.3

PS I always marvel at how easy dancers pick each other up. Today I finally had the chance to try it out. That was fun!! 😊

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Plaza de la Revolución and American classic 52’ Chevy #photolessonsbyessdras Create new angle new perspectives #cuba ...

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Trinidad, Cuba nighttime ...

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Trinidad!! Great place, great people, great photos!!!

PS @njoychase 🙏for the cool scarf

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A couple of weeks so happy working in #panama 507 #elvalle. #photolessonsbyessdras When doing a selfie hold the camera up and look at it. It’ll streamline your features and it’ll help look your best!!! 😊 ...

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In our @fetv05 March segment of #EnfoqueNatural we’ll be visiting @gamboareserve and we’ll be talking about the different kinds of #sloths found in #panama507 ...

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#photolessonsbyessdras Don’t forget that phone in your hand is a powerful photographic device. It allows you to get up close to your subject, which can lead into creating great abstract detail shots. ...

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#photolessonsbyessdras Shooting into the rising or setting sun angular and warm rays is a great technique to create great scene-setting images. ...

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#photolessonsbyessseas When photographing the human body in movement I.e. dance, use a fast shutter speed to freeze movement. But also try using use a slow shutter in order to depict motion. ...

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Great memories from sometime ago ...

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#photolessonsbyessdras When telling the story of a place, i.e. Lincoln Memorial, you have to think of scene setter or overall shots, medium shots, and detail shots. .
Have. Great #presidentsday

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My name is Essdras M. Suarez.

The world without photography will be meaningless to us if there is no light and color, which opens up our minds and expresses passion.

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