I also knew if there was any possibility this was the real deal, then I needed to become part of it. Otherwise I’d be kicking myself for the rest of my life if I didn’t inquire any further. I’d have run the risk of earning a prominent spot in the pantheon of infamy of great opportunities missed. I’d have become another cautionary tale. Just like that guy who was first introduced to the concept of the Internet and who dismissed it by saying, “I’ll pass. This is only passing fad.”

Once I got to meet the creative team of million eyez, a couple of things hit me: These guys were outsiders to the world of publishing and photography. But instead of this fact working against them, being outsiders allowed them the luxury of having a brand new perspective on the industry.

And they shared a quality usually found among the best professional photographers: A ceaseless sense of awe and wonder of the world around them and the capacity to challenge the status quo. A kind of defiant naiveté.

Add to that their knowledge of how the web works, and they possessed the unique advantage of having the clarity of mind and purpose to identify and fulfill a need: For photographers to share their work with others and writers to have quality photos complimenting their stories.

They’d noticed this with the emergence of new content providers such as bloggers and news- aggregate sites. The days of armies of writers and photographers working together side- by- side on the field had gone the way of the dodo bird.

We, the professional storytellers, who came from a background of covering stories around the world, saw this as the demise of our profession. But the creators of million eyez saw it as an opportunity.

The exponential growth of accessible photographic devices in the hands of so many talented photographers meant there were new possibilities for how stories could be told.

So they asked: Why not bring the writers and photographers together? Why not create a platform where talented photographers could input their own photos into live articles – and in the process help them gain new audiences and their overall presence on the web?

So began million eyez.